(A Very Belated) August Budget

August 2013 purchases  

So it's practically the end of September already and I am only now getting around to sharing my August budget. Sad face. But I'm sure you'll get over it :) Anyway, as always, I really like linking up with Fran and other Budgeting Bloggers because it holds me and my clothes shopping accountable and it is quite fascinating (and sometimes unnerving) to see how much money goes toward this part of my overall budget.

At the end of July, I told myself to keep my purse strings tight because I had a lot of expenses in August. I didn't follow this advice as well as I had hoped, but I am really happy with the purchases I did make. I don't have quite as many details as I usually do, but I blame moving and other tragic things going on!

I made two shopping trips:

Old Navy:

Denim Jacket $29.34 Denim Shorts $22.94 (Now on sale for $4.97!) Orange Patterned Shorts $6.99 *The ones pictured above are of a similar style, but not the same print or color* Similar Cobalt Patterned Shorts $6.99 *Similar Two pairs of earrings @ $1.99 each

Total Spent at ON: $70.24

While I don't normally pay full price, I couldn't turn down the denim shorts or jacket and have worn them both consistently. I'm pretty pleased with these ON purchases, but my best deal came from my favorite place...


BCBG Black Cocktail Dress $4.34 Calvin Klein Cocktail Dress $4.34

Total Spent at GW: $8.68

I seriously could not believe my luck. I really hope I have a few occasions within the year that I can showcase these fabulous dresses because I really love them and I am madly in love with the price!

August Total: $78.92

Overall, I didn't do too badly and I only bought one thing so far this September, so hopefully I'll be saving up and forcing myself to shop in my closet more often.