"Everything Happens for a Reason"

As if the old adage "Everything happens for a reason" wasn't already made evident for me a million times over, it was just proven again. I know I keep talking about how I'm moving (#sorrynotsorry--ONE WEEK!), but really I can't even begin to express to you how everything is lining up and revealing its glorious plan to me in small increments.

Example A: I wasn't planning on getting a roommate or moving because I didn't want to share a space and have to go back to the college atmosphere and moving is too much work. The solution? Two bedrooms AND two bathrooms and enough amenities to make up for a shared living space. WORTH IT.

Example B: I was worried that Ashlie and I would be spending too much time together and would clash as roomies. The solution? Our schedules are extremely opposite this year.

Example C: I was starting to accumulate too much stuff and felt weighed down by things. The solution? I had to get rid of a lot of things because my new apartment is fully furnished. It feels GREAT.

Example D: I was really lonely this year and due to changes in my personal life, I needed a brand new fresh start and a community. The solution? My new place is in the college town nearby and I will be surrounded by grad students my age. So exciting!

Which leads me to Example E.

In addition to all of these reasons above as to why I should be moving and why everything is happening the way it is, I made a new friend.

Arianna Me

How crazy does the universe (aka GOD) work to set this up?? The new math teacher at our school, Arianna, found MY old apartment via Craigslist and my landlord put us in contact, only for her to call me and meet me yesterday, sign the lease within a half hour, and become one of my new best friends in three hours.

We talked nearly nonstop the entire time and found that we are THE SAME PERSON.  We love purple, JC from Nsync, and shopping at Ross, and hate bees, coleslaw, and pickles. You guys, she even reads The Daily Tay and The Life of Bon like I do. Best of all, we have the same wittacular (I JUST MADE THAT UP) sense of humor that just keeps going. I really was a magical twist of fate.

We also cheesed it up with "our" landlord. I hope he doesn't mind me posting this...oooooops.

Jim Arianna Me

Anyway, the moral of this silly tale is to tell you that the old adage is indeed true and if this is setting me up the way I think it is, I am bound to have a spectacular year. I sincerely hope that is the case! And most importantly, I hope all of YOU have a fantastic year. We all deserve one of those, don't you think?