All "Tuckered" In

Apparently, according to this blog, all I wear in the summer is this striped tee. See how I transformed it from plain to put-together here! I promise that I washed this and wore it several days after my last outfit post, but you canbelieve what you want ;) I have never been much of a tucker. What I mean is, I rarely ever tuck in my shirt unless I'm wearing a higher waisted skirt (which, in that case, it's a MUST!). I am pear-shaped so sometimes I feel like tucking in my shirt highlights my hip area more so than my smaller waist.

I got these jean shorts at Old Navy (along with a few other awesome things, which I'll be sure to recap in my end-of-the-month Budgeting Blogger post. See July's here) and was super thrilled with them. I have the hardest time finding jean shorts that fit because nine times out of ten they are always too tight and too short. I can't be strolling around with my booty hanging out--I'm a teacher! (And a respectable adult...) So when I saw these shorts were a "boyfriend fit" I knew I should try them on. While on many people these shorts would be slouchy and loose-fitting cute, they fit me as they should. They are a great length and they don't ride up at all! The only downside is that I need to wear a belt, which is where this outfit came into play. I had been home for the weekend and only brought this belt with me so I tucked in out of necessity and ended up really liking it!

Striped Tee Tucked Into Jean Shorts 1 Striped Tee Tucked Into Jean Shorts 2 Tee: T.J. Maxx Shorts: Old Navy Belt: From a Ross dress Sandals: Kohl's

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Before I'm all "tuckered" out (HA I'm so punny sometimes), can anyone teach me how to effectively pull off the "half-tuck?" It always looks so stupid on me! Maybe I'm doing it wrong but all the other bloggers can do it :( Teach me your ways!

Thanks for being patient with my sporadic blogging. Life is a bit crazy. When is it not, I suppose?