From Plain to Put-Together

As I've mentioned once or twice (in every outfit post this summer...), dressing for the heat with style can be a challenge. I'm a creature of habit and tend to throw on shorts and a tee or tank almost daily. Occasionally, I'll throw on a necklace or change up my shoes, but outfits never seem all that exciting in the summer. Luckily, bright colors and patterns usually make up for it, but there are times when I just feel...plain. Take this outfit for example.

Striped Tee Purple Shorts_ Plain to Put Together 1

I have worn this outfit exactly 100x this summer or at least one like it. I at least have some sort of pattern going on to create some interest, but other than that...I feel boring and safe with this outfit. I was wearing this to go to dinner with a friend and felt like I should make a bit more of an effort if I was going out in public. (I've learned I always feel a million times better if I spend just an extra minute putting something better together than my first choice. For example, choosing a soft fitted tee over a sporty t-shirt; skinny jeans over sweatpants, etc.)

So I decided to look toward accessories instead of completely changing my look. Since I was going to be in a restaurant, I knew that tossing on a cardigan would be just fine. I also layered on a patterned scarf, threw on a bracelet, changed into flats, put on a headband and earrings.

The result?

Striped Tee Purple Shorts_ Plain to Put Together 2

Ultimately, I felt a whole lot put-together than I did in just the tee and shorts. Of course, I'd have to be a little more creative if it was warmer outside (perhaps a statement necklace with a braid in my hair and fun earrings?), but as we make that transition into fall, accessories and layering are going to be key factors in transforming an outfit.

Here's the side-by-side. I think it makes a difference, no?

Striped Tee Purple Shorts_ Plain to Put Together 4

Tee: T. J. Maxx Shorts: Target Scarf: Handmade by me Cardigan: Target Bracelet: NY & Company Flats: Famous Footwear

Oh, and Happy August, everyone. I suppose this means summer is coming to an end....