Resolutions Update

Oh hey, remember those things called New Year Resolutions? How are you doing on yours?

I made a comprehensive list of things I wanted to accomplish this year back in January and while I haven't been actively reviewing this list daily, I have kept it in the back of my mind as I've gone through this year so far. I thought it's about time for an update!

Let's review. Here was my original list of 13 Goals for 2013:

13 in 2013_b

Amazingly, I've made decent progress with a majority of these items!

  1. I am just finishing up my first grad course online! It's on Classroom Management and Control and it has been a GREAT experience. The class itself wasn't mind-blowing (I had to read three books and write a long paper and that was it), but the content was really interesting and applicable.
  2. I revealed my "craft room transformation" a few months ago, but I'm sad to say that I will no longer have this extra space in my new apartment!
  3. I'm thrilled that I have been able to read a few books this summer, but I still need to do quite a few book reviews...I'm currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and I'm loving it. It's the "next big thing" in dystopian novels; I'm calling it now!
  4. I haven't revealed this on the blog, nor will I, but I actually sewed a dress! (Did you see Laura's homemade dress? Isn't it adorable?!) The finishing didn't turn out quite right, so I can't wear it, but I'm really proud of myself! I taught myself how to sew princess seams and it was my first experience altering a pattern. I hope I can try again sometime this year.
  5. I took Zumba AND Pilates with a Yoga Influence at the local YMCA and I LOVED it. Zumba is the perfect workout for me.
  6. Let's not go there just yet...
  7. I received a book and DVD about DSLR photography and I have looked through some of it, but I am still having a hard time. I know the basics, but when I try to carry it out into my own photography, it doesn't usually turn out. My problem is that it looks great on the camera screen, but once I upload it on my computer, it's actually not as nice as I had thought initially. Help?
  8. Due to personal circumstances and a bit of a blog burnout, I haven't quite tapped into this yet, but I feel like I'm on the upswing.
  9. This will be a renewed personal goal once I move into my new place.
  10. I'm still not quite sure about this yet. I'm looking more into monetizing the blog more, but I just haven't been profitable in this venue. Any ideas for outside income opportunities?
  11. I'm working on my wardrobe and have purged through my closet. I created a wish list in hopes that I will be more intentional with my shopping.
  12. Again, something I can ALWAYS work on.
  13. Guilty. I worked through a few days of a couple here and there, but it didn't stick. Suggestions?

Because I am a list maker and find little more enjoyable than crossing off items, here's the updated list:

13 in 2013_midyearupdate

The ones marked in blue are those "keep trying" goals :P

Tell me, how do you feel about making goals and resolutions? Do you keep track of your progress? What have you accomplished this year so far? What do you hope to do in the second half of the year?