July Budget

July Budget: Back to Basics


First and foremost, Happy Birthday Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, and my buddy Kevin!

Now that I have gotten that important piece of business out of the way, I wanted to share how I fared this month along with Fran and the other Budgeting Bloggers.
For me, this month was all about going back to the basics. I invested in one white tee (do you know how hard it is to find a white tee that isn't practically cellophane?) and SEVEN plain cotton tees in a variety of colors (see picture above) from LOFT. All items were on major sale AND I used my teacher discount.
Funny enough, I only bought the tee  and four of the tanks and then I realized what a good deal it was and went back two days later only to find that the tanks were one dollar more! But I still bought them anyway. I'm really happy with these purchases and find that I wear them quite frequently already. I think they will be even better under cardigans and blazers in the fall.


So let's talk money.


Originally priced $14.50
On sale for $10
With teacher discount = $8.50


Originally priced $14.50
On sale for $5 (day 1) // $6 (day 2)
With teacher discount = $4.25 x4 // $5.10 x3
Total on tanks = $32.30
Total July Budget: $40.80


Not bad. Next month I will try to be really diligent in keeping the purse strings tied tight because I have a lot of expenses coming up with my move. I mayyyy have to buy some Back-to-School clothes though; I can't help it!  I may be asking for advice on first-day-of-school outfits soon...dun dun dunnnn.


How did I do in . . .
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