Today I am Twenty-Three

Today I am 23 It's my birthday! Woo! It's actually the first birthday I've spent away from home in years and it's not because I'm on a trip or at a conference. You can read about last year's birthday here. As of right now (the evening before my birthday), I don't have plans for my actual day (LAME, I know), but I do have plans for tomorrow night to go out with some of my girl friends and I'm really looking forward to that. Who knows, maybe something spontaneous will crop up and I'll have a good time today anyway. I already celebrated my birthday with my family, so I am already a happy camper.

I thought it might be fun to reflect and think about the things I've accomplished or experienced in year twenty-two, especially things I didn't expect. So here goes:

Even though twenty-two was the year of disillusionment, I walk away from it feeling accomplished and inspired. Thanks to all who have supported me. I love you all.

Go have a drink in honor of my birthday ;)