At a Loss

Navy Top Patterned Shorts Closeup 1 I'm having a hard time finding words these days.

It's ironic because I can still have a conversation and talk for hours and socialize, but I've been at a loss about so many things that the words stuck inside can't materialize. Maybe I'm afraid to speak. Maybe I'm not even sure what I'm supposed to think or say. Maybe I'm too busy worrying about the current stressors in my life.

I'm not even sure this post makes any sense. I've been rather quiet on the blog all summer, except for a few summer outfits and the latest news about my "old lady status," and I can't quite figure out why. I am waiting for the wave of revitalized ambition, but it seems to be in hiding still.

When the school year finally ended, I thought I had finally made it through the major transition period that is "Post-Graduation/First-Year Teaching/Moving Away From Home." But alas, I'm still transitioning. Hooray...I think this is what makes age 22-24 so difficult for many people. There's no stability; the second I feel assured of something, something happens and it's insecure again.

I know I must not be alone in feeling this. How do you cope with this feeling? (If you can even make sense of whatever this feeling is. It's a mixture.) I've been keeping busy and enjoying time with friends and making the most of my situation, but I can't deny that it's still there.

I promise I'll share some more fashion and maybe even an organization post in the near future (oOOoh!), but I just need some time. Thanks to all of you who's nice to have a listening ear.