Old Lady Status

This past week, my mom informed me that I was "living like a 40-year-old." She's right. Sort of. Mostly.

But it's not my fault!

When I got my job and had to move to Central PA in somewhat of a hurry, I didn't have many options. I didn't know anyone so I couldn't (and wouldn't) get a roommate, I wanted to live close to my school, and I wanted to maintain a healthy budget. Oh, and I only had about two visits to figure it out. So, that left me with the task of finding an inexpensive apartment with 1-2 bedrooms in the small Victorian town I teach in via Craigslist. Don't get me wrong, it has been just fine living in my two-bedroom apartment in town. I can walk to town, it's about a 3 minute drive to school, and I can claim I have a "craft room" when in reality I have a dumping ground for all of the stuff I've accumulated.

BUT, living on my own, hearing my neighbors below me snore (and swear, and play drums and guitar, and smoke outside my open window...), and crafting/blogging all by my lonesome self has not been easy. Or very fun. For awhile, I was very, very depressed (coupling living alone with the shock of first-year teaching problems). These days, I'm content with coming home and relaxing and I really enjoy my alone time, but you guys, I'm only 22! (soon-to-be 23 though!)

A little over a week ago, I had zero intentions of moving. Or finding a roommate. Or changing anything about my residential status. Year two of teaching is supposed to go a lot smoother right? I have more friends here, right? I certainly don't want to have to move all over again, right? Right? Wrong.

You've seen my colleague/friend Ashlie make an appearance on the blog a few times this year (sharing her fabulous wardrobe here and here, for example). She's currently making a 40 minute commute to work, so moving was definitely in her summer plans. We were looking at her apartment options and came across....this:



We couldn't believe it either. No way either of us could afford something like this, right? Once again, I was wrong! For about the same as I'm paying now in rent + utilities, I can share a brand new, two-bedroom, fully-furnished apartment with incredible amenities (like a pool, a gym, and volleyball/basketball courts) in a prime location. (Are you moving? Don't write off your top picks just because you think it's out of your price range--you might be surprised like I was!)

This wasn't the only draw for me, however. Now I can cure my old lady status because I will finally be living in a community of people MY AGE (graduate students mostly). CAN. NOT. WAIT. I can't begin to tell you how vital this is for young professionals who are social butterflies but can't exactly find the right venues for interacting with others outside of work.  Ashlie and I are both people who loved college life and the idea of a community and have severely lacked such an environment since we started our teaching careers. (Seriously--there's hardly anything out there for 22-25-year-olds who are unmarried and/or don't have children!)

Of course, I had my hesitations before signing the dotted line.

  1. I've had roommates (LOVE YOU GUYS) and then I didn't have any roommates for a year. Going back to having a roommate is not quite as easy for me (You mean I can't be scantily clad reading about choice theory in my living room? Oh darn.). But I quickly got over it when I saw we had our own spaces, including our own bathrooms. 
  2. I see Ashlie all day, err' day. We teach next door to each other, we shared a lunch and a plan period, and we often hung out. What if we got sick of each other? Oh wait, conveniently our schedules for next school year don't line up AT ALL. Check.
  3. I no longer have that "craft room" where I deposit all of the stuff I've acquired from my grandparents' house/Goodwill in preparation for the house and family I don't have. Oddly enough, I feel a bit like Henry David Thoreau, forcing myself to "live simply" and get rid of that box of fabric I won't use or Grandma's gift wrap from 1998. That's what he meant by, "As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler," right? But seriously, I do have some furniture to sell, so if you're the market, hit me up.

In the end, I think it's all going to work out. I may have a panic attack in which I freak out by the sheer amount of things I need to get done before the end of August, but what else is new? :)

At least I will have attained "young profesh status" by September 1st. That's what I'm calling it now anyway. Any other ideas?