LOFT Floral Dress 1

 LOFT Floral Dress 2

There's something about a pretty floral dress that is classic and lovely. I bought this LOFT dress last year for my college graduation and I am finding it is perfect for all sorts of events. I wore it to a wedding last summer and I finally got a chance to wear it again to Awards Night for my graduating seniors. I am just smitten with its soft, feminine pattern and pretty color palette.

Also, these are the last pictures I took before I got my hair cut! Even though it wasn't very long as it was, I got it cut short(er) again and I am really happy about it.

I just got back from a spontaneous trip to the beach the other day right after school ended and went to a wedding so I have barely had time to process everything, but I'm no longer a first year teacher!!!! Congratulations to all educators for successfully surviving the year!