Decorate Your Fanny

Yes, you read that title correctly. I even considered going as far as "Bedazzling Your Fanny," but I didn't have the guts. Let me explain before you X out of this post! A few weeks ago, I chaperoned the senior class trip to Six Flags. Funny story, I hate rollercoasters. Anyway, I knew I needed a bag that I could carry around and not have to worry about all day and I came up with the brilliant idea to wear a fanny pack! I could care less if I look like a '90s child in front of my students (because I AM one) and I love making them laugh, but mostly I realized a fanny pack actually makes sense in an amusement park. I got my friend Sarah on board as well and we went off to the local thrift store in search of fanny packs.

Do you know how hard it is to find a fanny pack?! We searched and searched for an hour before we finally found ONE in an antique shop in town. You should've heard our cries of excitement. We ended up finding a hilarious bear bag that we converted into one for Sarah too.

The fanny pack we found was...interesting, to say the least. I knew that I wanted to keep some of it kitschy and cheesy, but the heart buttons were too much. So here's what I did!

Decorate Your Fanny 2

I traded out the fabric for a fresh new print and sewed on some embellishments.

Here was my process, in case YOU feel inspired to decorate your own fanny ;)

Decorate Your Fanny 1

When I uncovered the fabric and heart buttons, I discovered that this was a typical printed fanny pack, probably about 20 years old. I used the fabric to trace out my new fabric and I hand sewed it on, trying my best to stay as close to the piping on the outside of the front pocket. I thought I did a decent job hiding the stitches. Then I found these vintage-y flowers and sewed them down the center. Originally, I was just going to be done after that, but I thought added some clear buttons would be a nice finishing touch.

In the end, the fanny pack was a hit and it worked beautifully ALL day! I would definitely consider using it again--not just to give kids second-hand embarrassment ;)

Life's too short not to decorate our fannys. Fannies? Just do it!