The Best $12 I've Ever Spent

I'm not much for pranks. I think they cause more frustration and annoyance than laughter most of the time. For example, sure it's funny to post-it note someone's car, but then that person is stuck spending 10+ minutes of their time cleaning off their own car before they can go anywhere and usually, it's at a bad time. However, I will admit that I just pulled off one of the best "pranks" I've ever attempted. Perhaps I wouldn't even call this a prank, but more so "revenge."

Let me explain.

Back in the fall, I got pied in the face for a school fundraiser. The evidence:

Pie in the Face2

Not only was I pied in the face, but it was documented on camera and played on the morning announcements TWICE! Including a slow motion montage of me shrieking "I can't seeeeeeee!!!!!" and a replay three times. Awesome.

Anyway, the student who pied me is one of my favorites--he's just an all-around awesome kid and we've had a great rapport all year. Since that day, we've talked about my "revenge." Given that the seniors are ALMOST DONE for the year, I knew I had to finally step up my game and plan something.

Originally I thought I would just buy a pie for our class (I have him last period of the day) and be nice about it because I didn't want to get in trouble with administration or embarrass him too much. However, I knew I had to make it a little more interesting.

I contacted all of his teachers throughout the day (and got permission from my principal) ahead of time and asked them if they were willing to help me out and they all were. So, I went to Walmart and bought EIGHT of those mini baked pies, a chocolate pie, and some whipped cream.

Every single period, he would nonchalantly be handed one of these pies by his teacher or a student. The first time he got a pie, he was confused and almost didn't take it, but by the end of the day, he answered the door for his "special delivery," knowing very well it was for him!  By the time he got to me, he was FREAKING OUT. It. Was. Awesome. I played it completely cool for most of class, as we were working on papers in the computer lab. I gave them some lie about the computers needing a virus scan so we could head back to my room. I sent him next door to get a paper and when he came back, there was a pie sitting on a desk in the middle of the room.

I asked him to cut it and serve it to everyone, during which he was laughing and just waiting to be pied. We just enjoyed pie and laughed while his friend filmed his reaction.

He left class, relieved, carrying his eight pies. Little did he know, his girlfriend was waiting in the parking lot to pie him in the face with the whipped cream. :)

I have no idea how that part went because I didn't get to see it/they missed school the next day (Gotta love Senior Skip Day #2...), but I am sure it was equally as epic.

The best part about this whole day was that so many people were involved and excited about it! I had to have two students deliver pies because teachers were out, and they were so eager to do it. The teachers all asked me about the progress throughout the day, too. I can easily say this was one of my favorite memories of the year, both being pied and getting him back :)

I think the kids really loved seeing teachers play and laugh, too. It's a tense time right now at the end of the year and everyone needs a good laugh. I know I had a smile on my face all day.

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