Chaperoning Prom

This past weekend I had the opportunity to chaperone Senior Ball/Prom. I jumped at the chance because I love to dance and enjoy seeing the kids dress up and have a good time. I had SUCH a good time and ended up dancing all night long because I was paired up with such a fun teacher and her little 5-year-old breakdancing son and I proved to myself that I'm not so much of a grandma as I have felt this year! I woke up the next day with a huge headache, which was puzzling considering I only drank water and lemonade all night :P (so maybe I am still a bit of a grandma after all...) I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide what to wear because it was a formal event, but teachers don't usually dress up as much as the kids. I also wanted to stay appropriate, so that ruled out some of my shorter cocktail dresses. I decided on this lace dress that I wore MY senior year of high school to Homecoming! It's nice to know that it still fits (actually I think even better than 6 years ago) and I felt comfortable all night long.

Senior Ball Chaperone Black Lace Dress 1 Senior Ball Chaperone Black Lace Dress 2 Senior Ball Chaperone Black Lace Dress 3

I paired it with simple silver drop earrings from NY & Company, silver pumps from Goodwill, and a homemade updo (sorry no pictures of the back). I got my nails done and had a great time feeling like a giddy girl headed to the school dance.

I think the students were really happy to see me and the other teachers in a more relaxed atmosphere and loved the fact that I danced among them! It's those kind of moments that prove that you're still a real human being.

Anyway, did you check out my wardrobe wish list? Did you make yours? I'd love to hear about it!

Oh--and wish me luck! I'm chaperoning the senior class trip to Six Flags tomorrow...should be interesting! (Especially considering I don't ride roller coasters...)

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