Switching Out Your Closet and Wardrobe Wish list

You guys, I have a problem. I have too many clothes.

I have always had too many clothes, but I really actually believe it this time. Two weekends ago, I spent some time switching out my winter and fall clothes with my spring and summer clothes. Even though I set aside a huge pile of clothes to sell and to donate (more about this later!), I was still left with a lot of clothes! I am really happy with most of the wardrobe I have built up to this point and I think I really should take advantage of the pieces I do already have instead of constantly searching for something new. Trust me--this is difficult for me to say! I love to shop and to find things that inspire me (and for a great price)!

When I unpacked my summer clothes, I organized it in my closet by type and then by color. When I saw all of the items displayed this way, I was able to see how many casual blue shirts I have or how many dressy black tops I have. I have a lot of separates that are just waiting to be remixed. (Look at Whitney's amazing closet inventory!)

I WAS going to declare May a no-shopping month (I know, ambitious...), but I already bought a few things at Goodwill. That being said, I am definitely going to keep my purchases at the minimum.

I think seeing the clothes I DO have, I want to start a wardrobe wish list to fill the holes that I am missing, like Fran and Kate.

Here's what's on my list so far:


Wardrobe Wishlist


  • Closed-toe nude heels
  • Dressier sandals
  • Silver dress heels
  • Nude/tan flats (replacement)
  • Oxfords


  • Khaki/tan fitted blazer
  • Navy cardigan
  • Red cardigan (replacement)
  • white cardigan
  • THE perfect white tee (not see-through!)
  • Dark wash chambray pop-over
  • Polka dot button down shirt
  • Nerdy, literary tee


  • Khaki dress pants
  • Black cropped dress pants
  • Striped skirt
  • Winter dress shorts


  • Dressier red dress
  • Casual work dress(es)


  • Floral scarf


  • Classic bathing suit
  • Awesome sports bra
  • Activewear shorts

I feel like this is a solid list with a lot of classic items. I'm looking forward to filling the gaps! This wish list may grow in the coming seasons, too.

What's on your wishlist?