Color: The Difference Between Boring and Interesting

Striped Tee Blue Cardigan and Black Pants 1

Striped Tee Blue Cardigan and Black Pants 2

Tee: T.J. Maxx Cardigan: T. J. Maxx Pants: NY & Co. (see how I've remixed it 5 other ways here!) Belt: Target Necklace: c/o Emily (see my other "statement necklaces" here)

Don't you just love when you're on a "new clothes high" when you finally get to wear some of your new purchases? I bought this top and cardigan recently (conveniently right after my March Budget was up!) and was excited to wear them, but I knew that if I just paired it together with my black pants and called it a day, I wouldn't be tapping into all of the knowledge and courage I've gained this past year with adding accessories and color to transform an outfit.

I knew that black and blue went well together, but I was craving a pop of color as well as a fun accessory to add some element of interest to an otherwise boring outfit. I opted for the red belt and necklace and was really pleased with the result. I never would have paired baby blue and red together in the past! Anyway, overall I felt more put together.

Also, you may have noticed something in my hand in these pictures and in yesterday's . . . you're right--it's a remote! I got this and a new tripod in my Easter "basket" and was so thrilled! (I'll give a review on them later.) Living on my own may have its perks but the lack of a photographer can be detrimental to a blogger. I was recently asked by a coworker who takes my pictures and I always feel dumb saying " I use self-timer..." but I've at least upgraded to a cool remote, right?? :) Can we make #bloggerproblems a Twitter trend? I feel like we would have a ton . . .