Always, Sometimes, Never

always sometimes never I Always...

  • Pursue something creative
  • Start in the clearance section
  • Check Pinterest before bed
  • Quote Mean Girls
  • Act like a kid when I'm home
  • Take pictures
  • Sing and dance
  • Pray for clarity

I Sometimes...

  • Put on my PJs the minute I get home from school
  • Forget my childhood friend died (or pretend it never happened)
  • Reread old journals for hours
  • Regret quitting dance and piano lessons
  • Wear my hair in a t-shirt to get volume while it dries (a.k.a. "plopping")
  • Worry that I'll lose a loved one
  • Can't wait for my future to begin

I Never...

  • Ride roller coasters
  • Like to be bored
  • Forget lyrics to NSYNC songs
  • Like hearing my voice in recordings
  • Go to sleep angry (if I can help it)
  • Like to make a mistake
  • Watch the news


Idea from oh, hello friend

What are your always, sometimes, nevers? Share in the comment below or share a link to your post. I'll be sure to stop by.