So Long, Winter!

If you've been reading the blog recently, you know how vehement I have been about wanting spring to officially arrive (Er...probably a bit too much...). While I know there are still some cold days on the radar (literally. this week is chilllllly), I am happy to finally see some sunshine and to trade in the winter coat to a lighter jacket during the day. I thought I'd share some of the outfits I've been wearing in this ugly transition from winter to spring. I am READY to clear out of the closet and start fresh. Do you ever feel like that? So Long Winter outfits

From left to right:

1. Blouse: Gap Pants: NY & Co. Belt: from Old Navy dress Flats: Clarks (similar) Necklace: Forever 21

2. Blouse: Limited (Goodwill) Cardigan: Target Belt: Forever 21 Pants: Banana Republic (Goodwill) (similar) Flats: Famous Footwear (similar) Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

3. Dress and belt: Ross Leggings: NY & Co. Boots: Macy's

Wow, I really have jumped on the skinny belt bandwagon, haven't I? But they just make an outfit--agreed?

After making so many spring purchases recently, I have been itching to wear them, making dressing for the weather difficult as of late. I always find dressing for Easter difficult, specifically, because everyone wants to wear pretty spring dresses and skirts, only to find that it's still quite chilly out. I settled on wearing most of this outfit (the top half), but with the Banana Republic cords shown above. What did you wear on Easter Sunday?

Anyway, today I'm back to my apartment after a fantastic weekend at home. I can't believe I've made it to the FOURTH QUARTER of the school year! It's the home stretch baby! I am stressed out with how much there is still left to do, but I have hope that I've almost made it through my first year of teaching. If anyone has any tips for closing the year, especially with a group of anxious and annoyed seniors, please share the love :)