Becoming a "Budgeting Blogger:" March Purchases

I'm a pretty frugal person, enjoy sharing deals and talking BOGO, and spend countless hours in the local Goodwill when I head home. But, I fail to talk about the subject often on this blog--mostly because I'm not quite sure how. That's why, when I came across Fran's Budgeting Blogger link up, I knew that that was a direction I wanted to take. I don't always spend a lot monthly on clothes and accessories, but I think it's important to keep myself accountable for what I'm buying and how much I'm allotting for these expenses. This past month, I didn't go shopping until the very end, but I did spend quite a bit because I got a few key staples for my closet, like spring shoes. As far as a budget goes, Franziska recommends spending about 6-8% of your monthly income on clothes. Given that I don't always spend a lot of money on clothes each month but wanting to keep it open enough so I don't feel guilty when I do, I've set myself a budget of $180. I will probably make that $150 in the future if I continue to spend less.

Budgeting Blogger_March 2013

Date Item Store Price  Price Paid
3/23/13 Striped Peplum Hem Short Sleeved Sweater LOFT 39.99 15
3/28/13 Drop Beaded Earrings* Goodwill 1 0.89
3/28/13 Pearl Necklace* Goodwill 3.99 3.39
3/28/13 NY & Co. Jean Shorts* Goodwill 3.99 3.39
3/29/13 Anne Taylor Floral pants* Goodwill 3.99 3.39
3/29/13 Hunter Green Button Down Blouse* Goodwill 3.99 3.39
3/29/13 Faceted Pastel Teardrop Bib Necklace NY & Co. 24.95 7.95
3/29/13 Grey Geometric Faceted Bib Necklace NY & Co. 22.95 7.95
3/29/13 Three Row Silver Beaded Necklace* NY & Co. 19.95 7.95
3/29/13 Double Drop Faceted Beads Earrings NY & Co. 12.95 7.95
3/29/13 Silvertone and Faceted Drop Earrings* NY & Co. 10.95 7.95
3/29/13 What's What? Wedges Famous Footwear 39.99 33.99
3/29/13 Me Too Fianna Gold Peeptoe Flats* Famous Footwear 14.99 12.74
3/29/13 Pattern Rayon Spandex Skirt Land's End/Sears 39.99 27.99
3/29/13 Fit 2 Clean Front Chino Crop Pants Land's End/Sears 44 30.80
Total: 152.05

*not displayed in the picture above

Overall, I got a lot of really nice things for good prices. The Land's End items were a bit more expensive than I would've liked to have spent,  but I am crazy about them and will wear them endlessly.

ALSO, I just recently started to list items on Poshmark! I sold my first item, a pair of Joyce California taupe boots, for $20, making a $16 profit. I was skeptical about the process at first, but it was so easy and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has some items to sell and doesn't want to deal with the hassle of eBay. SO, March's grand total actually comes to: $136.05! 

Overall, I'm really pleased with my purchases, even though I didn't get a new pair of nude/tan flats like I had hoped. I'm also hoping to find a pair of khaki cropped pants; any recommendations?

HAPPY EASTER, everyone!