5 Days 5 Ways: Tops

Posting this on yet ANOTHER snow day! UGH! You'd think, as a teacher, I'd be really excited about this, but at this rate, I'll be in school until July...#firstworldproblems...anyway: Two of my favorite blogs, Along the Lines of Style and Franish, are hosting a link-up this week called 5 Days 5 Ways! It's a fashion challenge to remix five different clothing items five different ways. Today's theme is TOPS. I decided to show you how versatile my favorite pink cardigan is. While I only had four pictures of different looks, I still think it shows how diverse my outfits can be with this same cardigan!


1, 2, 3, 4

What I really like about this cardigan is that it can be dressed up or down and even though it's more of a "boyfriend" fit, it doesn't emphasize my hips like some of the slouchy ones do.

What's your favorite top to remix? How many outfits can you create? I'd love to see!

Happy Monday!