Insta-Friday 3.15.13

TGIF! What a long week it has been! I apologize for being so absent on the blog this past week/month. Being a first-year teacher in the middle of senior research papers is a KILLER. I am not sure I will make it out alive...but alas, I found time to quickly post week four of my Blogging for Beginners series (Part 1, 2, 3) last night and was able to pull together Insta-Friday! Hopefully this weekend I can get caught up on comments and finally get to visit some of my favorite blogs. Insta-Friday 3.15.13

(From top to bottom, left to right)

  1. Last weekend, I went to heaven on earth, I mean IKEA. You can read this post to figure out what I bought for only $13! (Wellllll, sort of!)
  2. My parents and I had to wait a half hour before our lunch reservations so we spent some time in Pier One and Jared. I've always loved the idea of a swing chair. It was super comfortable and perfect for summer days...ugh, is it spring yet?
  3. We ate lunch at Burgatory, which was pretty awesome. I ordered a salted Nutella Crunch Milkshake and a custom burger. Noms.
  4. For some odd reason, they give out fortune cookies and this was what I got. I'm thinking things got a little lost in translation...
  5. While I was home, my mom ended up getting me a ton of office stuff AND we were clearing out my grandparents' home, so I took back a lot more things to my apartment than I certainly ever left with. Oops...
  6. Did you watch the Bachelor finale on Monday? Even though it kept me up very late for a school night, I attended a little Bachelor viewing party with some of my coworkers and we had a great time and ate LOTS of food.
  7. This cozy little nook belongs to a local coffee shop in town. My friend Ashlie and I settled in to grade a ton of papers when suddenly, it was closed! We were too busy instagramming our surroundings to get anything accomplished...
  8. Speaking of grading, I am literally drowning in senior research projects. I seriously think this is what torture is. Walking into this graduation requirement and having very little time to convey information to my kiddos has made for a difficult experience for both parties involved. Very unfortunate. I'm at the point where I may take a sick day JUST to get some more graded...
  9. Thursday was one of my favorite days of school this year. That's not easily said, either. I had the opportunity to read The Giving Tree, only one of the most special books ever, to my seniors and I thought, "What better way to read a children's story than with JUICE BOXES?!" So I ran out Wednesday night and bought ten cases of Koolaid Jammers so we could all feel like little kids again. It was definitely worth it from some of the reactions I got yesterday. SCORE.

Today, I plan on getting through the school day as painlessly as humanly possible, coming home, relaxing, blogging, and cleaning. What are you doing today?

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