Insta-Friday 2.15.13

instafriday_2.15.13 (From left to right, top to bottom) As you tell, I like to eat (if my recent recipe post didn't convince you of that already . . .) and I apparently enjoy being that stereotypical instagram-er who likes to take pictures of her food before she eats it. Yep. But check out how awesome these look. And trust me, they tasted just as good. That nutella cupcake only has FOUR ingredients and I'll be sharing it on the blog sometime in the near future.

I spent Saturday morning on a walk, taking pictures, and ended up at my favorite little cafe in town. Even though I am completely OVER winter, sometimes it's nice to take a moment and admire its beauty. But you can't deny the incredible feeling you get when SUN appears after being gone for so long.

This past weekend, I spent my entire Sunday (and probably most of my paycheck) at Target. I debated over these two gorgeous iPhone wristlets and even put a plea out to Facebook to help. I ended up with the pink one, even though I have a polka dot obsession.

Isn't it the BEST feeling in the world to cross things off a to do list? And even more incredible when everything is checked off?! This was my Monday!

Yesterday, Valentine's Day, I got some roses from my co-workers so I spent my plan period taking silly pictures of them and me. (I promise you I work really hard and try to be a great teacher!)


I hope everyone had a great week, a romantic and lovely Valentine's Day, and that you will enjoy your weekend! I'm going home to spend the long weekend with my family! :)


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