Bold at Work

Purple Dress Pants Purple Dress Pants 2

Top: Target (Goodwill) Cardigan: Target Pants: Target Belt: ....Target...(bit of a trend here) Heels: Payless Necklace: gift

This past weekend, I took a trip to Target--and we all know what that means--and I ended up taking this beautiful pair of pants home with me. I was drawn to the purple hue and when I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised to see that instead of emphasizing my curves, it was a bit more slimming and made me appear a little bit taller. So into my cart they went, and I used a mobile coupon for $5 off!

I wanted to pair another color with these pants without going too overboard, so when I saw this top in my closet, I knew it would be perfect with its little hints of red. Paired with a red belt and necklace and I was good to go!

I took advantage of the beautiful weather this past Sunday and took these pictures outside! It's hard to believe that this is two days after we got an early dismissal at school for Nor'easter Nemo. We didn't get hit all that hard here, which is really nice.

What are you wearing this week? Are you getting excited for Valentine's Day? What are you wearing for your romantic evening?