The Cost of Being Frugal

I realize that the title of this post is somewhat of an oxymoron, but if you're a frugal person like I tend to be, then you probably understand that there are some compromises you make when you decide to live frugally. My frugality is a product of my family's choices, a decision I firmly support because it has allowed our family financial freedom and the chance to do many other things we wouldn't have otherwise. I am proud that I find good quality items for less at Goodwill and that I don't usually fall for impulse buys. Being frugal has also taught me to pay myself first and invest in my future.


However, being frugal sometimes comes at a cost.

Here are some of the issues I face as a result:

  1. I have a closet of inexpensive items that I bought because they were cheap and in my size. I may not have spent the time to figure out how much use it would have or what value it would bring. In the beginning years of my frugality, this probably cost me more money than what I saved because I barely got any wear out of some clothes. Luckily, I have gotten a lot better at this.
  2. I can't shop for real! Seriously, I have sticker shock for good-quality items that I know I'll wear and use just because they are more than the $3.99 price tag I usually see. I have a hard time justifying purchases I should make, even though I know they are worth the investment. When I purchased my Canon Rebel t3i, I just about had a heart attack.
  3. I annoy my friends. I think I am a helpful shopping partner when it comes to fit and style, but I am sure that I have annoyed my friends on MULTIPLE occasions when I try to talk them out of something. Generally, a friend will pick up something up on impulse and then the words come out before I can stop them, "Do you really need that? You could wait until it's on sale. Don't you have two shirts like that already? I really like it, but is it worth spending $40?" While I am sure that is helpful for some people, I know that it would be frustrating to hear, so I've been trying my best to keep my mouth closed and allow people to spend their money as they wish.

What struggles have you faced to save a few bucks? Do the benefits outweigh the "costs?" I think so, but I do want to approach things with a more realistic and understanding attitude.