My First StitchFix Experience

Have you heard about StitchFix? It's a fabulously fun styling service that ships you a box of handpicked clothes and accessories with YOUR style preferences in mind. Once you have received your invitation, you fill out a lengthy style profile, schedule your first "fix," and then they send you your goodies in the mail. You have three days to try it all on and decide what you'd like to keep. Don't want an item? No problem! You mail it back in the pre-paid envelope provided.

The catch? Simply pay a $20 styling fee that can be applied toward your purchase. If you buy all of the items in your fix, you receive 25% off.

I saw some really successful Stitch Fixes, so I thought I'd give it a try.

StitchFix Collage

The first dress (left) was adorable, but definitely way too short for my lifestyle! Remember, I need to be focusing on my style needs, and this, unfortunately, did not fit the bill for me.

The second dress was SO cute and I loved the fit of the shirt dress. I debated back and forth, but ultimately I decided that the cute owl print was a bit juvenile for me. Again, as a first-year teacher, I already struggle enough as it is to maintain professionalism (I get confused as a student a LOT). As hard as it was, I couldn't justify spending the somewhat steep price tag for this dress.

Lastly, the black cardigan and artsy top in the right picture just did not work for me. The printed top was way too low-cut for me, I didn't really dig the asymmetrical hem, and I already have several black cardigans.

My stylist also included a pair of earrings that were really cute, but I didn't feel like it was worth the price tag.

In the end, I ended up sending everything back.

Am I too frugal for StitchFix? Was I just unlucky this time around? I think my stylist was spot on with her concepts, but they didn't fit my lifestyle. I also think I had sticker shock, which is something I am working on. What's nice is that after every fix, you send StitchFix some feedback on what worked and what didn't so the next fix can be better.

I'm still debating whether or not I want to try this again. I worry that I will waste my $20 again, but I also think this could open me up to many other sellers, styles, and pieces that I would not otherwise have access to.

Have you ever tried StitchFix? Let me know your thoughts so I can decide to give this another shot or not!

Oh, and did I mention that you receive credit for every referral you make? Give it a shot!


(I was not compensated for this post. All of these opinions are strictly my own and I felt it would be interesting to my readers!)