(Lazy) Black & White

Black and White 1 Black and White 2

Blouse: Gap (Thrifted) Pants: NY & Company Scarf: Handmade by me Earrings: Forever 21?

I'm almost embarrassed to post this outfit, considering how boring it is! But sometimes, we all have one of "those days" when you're just too cold and too tired to wear anything but your favorite "faux dress pants," a trusted shirt, and a comfy infinity scarf. If it were up to me, I'd be wearing jeans and a comfy sweater or sweatshirt, but alas--one must be somewhat professional...

What's your go-to work outfit for those days?

Speaking of black and white, did you see the latest Downton Abbey Inspired Outfit post? Today's featured lady is showing off a black and white outfit that is MUCH better than mine!