Remixing Dresses and Tights

I've worn this purple shift dress the same way ever since I've owned it: Aaron and Me

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I may even be adventurous and wear NUDE colored tights! Gasp! I love this dress because it's effortless. I throw it on, it fits me well, and it's a great color. Done.

But after being inspired by this look from my good blog friend Heidi, from Literate & Stylish, I knew I could wear my purple dress in a new and unique way!

So, keeping along with the whole "Bundle Up Without the Bulk" concept, as we were in subzero temperatures last week, I searched my closet for some new, warm additions to this dress and came up with this:

Remixed Purple Dress

Button Down Blouse: Old Navy Dress: Marshall's Leggings: NY & Company Boots: Kohl's (here) Belt: Forever 21

I was really happy with how this outfit turned out. I kept warm by putting a cami over top of the button down (plus it smoothed down the buttons). I also wore leggings instead of tights and boots instead of heels. What color belt would you think work on this outfit? I wanted to add some color, but didn't really have a belt that would work.

I also think next time I go shopping, I'll try to find some maroon leggings--wouldn't that look nice next to the purple?

Here's a bonus for all of you! My friend and coworker Ashlie ended up staying over that night because of the weather and she too had gray leggings on. We had a photo shoot so you could see her fabulous outfit, too.

Ashlie Gray Leggings

She always does a fantastic job pairing colors and patterns together. I love that she found a successful way to wear a summer dress in the middle of winter!

And here's us together:

Me and Ashlie Gray Leggings

Sorry for the picture overload today! Isn't it awesome when you actually recreate your inspiration in your own unique way? I never would have worn this a year ago, or even a few months ago. Blogging has really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

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