Bundle Up Without the Bulk

If you were anywhere north last week, you would know how incredibly freezing it was outside! I am grateful that things are starting to warm up, but man--you could've easily gotten frostbite from only 20 minutes of skin exposure. But, life goes on, as they say, and off to work it was. We had to be creative with our layering so that we would stay warm, look professional, and not look too bulky. I ended up wearing a really warm outfit that could be worn with or without layers and it wouldn't look any different!

In this outfit, I am wearing Underarmour leggings (instead of regular black leggings), which kept my legs warm all day. I also wore a cami under the white button up (I tried over top in tomorrow's outfit). I felt snug and comfortable.

Red Black and White Layers 1

Red Black and White Layers 2

Sweater: Old Navy (old) Button Down Blouse: Land's End Skirt: Old Navy (old) Underarmour: Dick's Sporting Goods Boots: JC Penney Belt: Target

Sorry the pictures kind of suck--it was a long day. :) I felt like this outfit was a little matchy matchy, like I could've worn a different colored belt, but I didn't have any others and I don't know what color I would've picked. Thoughts?

How have you been keeping warm this winter?