Insta-Friday 1.25.13

It's been a long time since I've participated in Insta-Friday! In fact, my last Insta-Friday was sometime in November! I think I'm going to try to get back into it, as it is a fun way to document those little moments each week. Perhaps I'll do it bi-weekly if I don't take enough weekly. Without further ado... instafriday_1.25

(From  top to bottom, left to right)

Last Friday at work, we earned a "jersey day," so I broke out the only jersey I own (GO PENS!) and wore a collared shirt underneath because we aren't allowed to wear t-shirts, hoodies, or jerseys without a collar--it wouldn't be "professional..."

As I mentioned, I spent last weekend at Westminster for Formal Recruitment and sorority bid day. I got to spend time with some of my amazing sisters, like Megan, and watch the festivities from a distance.

I can't wait to show you another outfit in which I wore my homemade pink infinity scarf yet again. Check out how I first styled it here. I'm kind of obsessed.

Going to WC and home for the weekend meant I got to spend a few hours with my honey <3

My incredible friend Laura surprised me with a package yesterday! She has a little shop called CozyCatCrafts where she sells knitwear, headbands, and more. Be on the watch for a potential giveaway in the near future . . . cough cough  (Speaking of giveaways, did you see who won the Love with Food subscription box giveaway?!)

Today was a clerical day so we teachers headed off to be productive all day without kids! We were surprised with a fantastic breakfast from Cool Beans, which included the four main food groups: carbs, carbs, chocolate, and carbs! Yum.

This is how I spent my entire clerical day: grading midterms.

I am beyond excited about the newest infinity scarf I made last night! It has both stripes AND polka dots--only my two favorite prints EVER. I'm thinking about starting an etsy shop with some scarves--do you think people would have an interest in that?

Well I hope everyone has a phenomenal weekend. Tell me, what did YOU do this past week? And feel free to share your Instagram! I would love to check it out. Visit mine here. :)



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