Gray and Pink (homemade infinity scarf)

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Top: Land's End Jeans: Land's End Scarf: Handmade by me Boots: Macy's

This was one of my Sunday outfits and I felt like it was comfortable, casual, and yet put-together. I ended up going into town that day and I felt confident because there's always a chance I will run into a student or someone from work.

I have been wearing this scarf incessantly recently! I just love it. I just decided one day to whip up a scarf and was able to make it in about 20 minutes. I think I've created several outfits around this scarf just so I can wear it! I made one for my mom, too :) Without the scarf, this outfit would be very boring.

How have you all been handling the cold this week? I know I have been FREEZING all week! No delays or cancellations for me though :(  Dressing professionally for school and staying warm has been somewhat of a challenge. What are you wearing to work this week?

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