Let's Get Real About Sponsorship

realdealsponsorship Let's face it. We (bloggers, that is) all advertise on other blogs to gain exposure and, hopefully, readership. What's even better is that we love to form great relationships with our favorite bloggers so that we can become BFFs or collaborate on the next big link party or craft swap. And hey, we certainly enjoy making some cash by returning the favor, right?

Okay, so the general ideas behind sponsorship are great and all, yes? But sometimes we don't go about sponsorship the right way. I can see the value in sidebar buttons, don't get me wrong, but I think there's more to it. That's why I've decided to temporarily change my sponsorship options so that I am only offering Swap Spots while I decide what direction I want to go in. This means that if you agree to share my button, I'll agree to share yours! For free.

I took away my other sponsorship options because they weren't right. I have thought long and hard and read some very interesting posts from other bloggers about the purpose of sponsoring and how we can better serve the blogging community and vice versa. After all, if you're investing time and money into something--it should pay off. I don't blame people for not wanting to cough up 10 dollars for a few measly page views that don't stick.

I want to look into adding sponsorship spotlights at the end of my regular posts, like Living in Yellow does so fabulously (see her reasoning here). I want to give social media shout outs that are real and honest--for those blogs I truly support and believe in. I want to hold myself more accountable with not just accepting sponsors and "forgetting" about them. I want to support others to build more lasting relationships with friends I may not have met otherwise.

So until I come up with a solid plan, free swaps it is. And if you have ANY advice or thoughts about this topic, please share! I really appreciate honest conversation about blogging because, while it is easy to get caught up in the beautiful pictures, perfect homes, and incredible crafts, it's all about connecting and sharing our lives in a real and meaningful way.

Man, I've really been reflecting on this whole blogging experience recently. And I'm not complaining!


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