Lilac, Floral, and Black

Lilac Floral Black1 Lilac Floral Black2

Blouse: Goodwill Cardigan: Banana Republic (Plato's Closet, I think) Pants: NY & Co.

I really love this cardigan. I've worn it so many times since I bought it about a year or so ago. I find that I'm able to wear it in any season, with an array of colors and patterns. Here I've made it a bit more wintery with the black floral print and black pants.

I am in love with these "faux dress pants."  They are so comfortable and they look real! In fact, you're probably getting tired of seeing them all of the time. Note to self: post fewer outfits with said dress pants ;) (Note that I did not say to limit their use...)

So how was everyone's weekend? Tell me what your plans are for the upcoming week. My students' midterms start tomorrow. Here's to hoping everything goes smoothly and that everyone does well. We'll seeee...

On a side note, my sorority's recruitment starts TODAY and I am wishing them the BEST of luck this week. My goal is to wear something Kappa Delta every day this week. In this picture, I am wearing the heart KD necklace my "big" got me, which has kind of been a tradition in our Greek family. Do you have fun traditions like that? Are you a part of an organization, fraternity, sorority, or other group that has shaped who you are forever? I'll never forget what Kappa Delta has done for me and what it continues to do every single day. I'm hoping to make it to the last night of recruitment this coming Friday *crosses fingers*.

Have a great Monday!