Downton Abbey Inspired Outfit Series: Week One: Mary

It's backkk! I decided with Season 3 of Downton Abbey just beginning that I would start a new inspired outfit series. If you missed my Disney Inspired Outfit Series from a few months ago, check out this page. For week one of my Downton Abbey series, I knew I had to start with everyone's favorite "bad girl," Mary Crawley. She is absolutely stunning and has gorgeous style that just barely crosses the line between respectable and sexy for the early 1900s. For this outfit, I chose one of Mary's go-to styles, a classic beaded evening gown. Her gown covers everything, but its sheerness and scoop neck adds that extra touch for the various men in her life.

Downton Abbey Inspired Outfit-Mary Crawley

To create a modernized version of this look, I chose two sheer beaded cocktail dresses, beautiful Mary Jane pumps, and classic black jewelry.

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear it? What do you like about Mary's style? 

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