Weekend Reading

  • My To Do list for this weekend is growing rather large, but I'm hoping to at least squeeze in a bit of light blog reading and thought I'd pass along some great posts to you!

Weekend Reading

This past week (shameless plug), I wrote a little about the struggles to gain readership and how sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself. It was more of a plea for help--and no one seems to be coming to my rescue!

I also admitted some of my imperfections. What are yours?

Here are some other great reads:

  • Heidi from literate & stylish share a fantastic Friday work outfit entirely consisting of Merona, but looking like a million bucks. She is my go-to girl for work style.
  • Casi, the brand new home decor contributor at Rags and Stitches shared some GORGEOUS office spaces and organizational ideas. I would die to have any of those beautiful spaces.
  • Before you tune into Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, make sure you visit E, Myself, and I and see Elizabeth's picks for superlatives like Best Dressed, Biggest Train Wreck, and Most Underrated. I had a great laugh seeing her choices and completely agree!
  • I am completely jealous of this girl and her incredible English class. Bonnie over at Life of Bon likes to share what's she and her students have been up to in the classroom and it makes me mad with envy and totally excited for her! I hope one day to be able to teach the way she does.


**Also 10 points goes to the person who can tell me where the above quote is from and who said it?**