13 in 2013: My New Year's Resolutions


Happy New Year, everyone!

It's that time of year again! It amazes me how quickly things fly by. Every year it seems to go by quicker and quicker--each memory tucked away into the back of the brain faster than we can even process it. And then New Year's Eve rolls by and we somehow start to put together the pieces of our year and figure out what we're supposed to do with it.

After reflecting upon the most ridiculous year of my life up to date, I am ready to start fresh with 2013. I worry about this year for many reasons:

  • I am 100% positive I will continue to face many professional struggles, being a first-year teacher. Hopefully I'll be able to put this newfound knowledge to good use in time for my 2nd year.
  • I will be (hopefully) starting graduate school in the summer. Yikes! While I am excited to be a student again, balancing it along with teaching and other pursuits will be interesting. . .
  • My family is bound to have more medical issues, especially my grandma who is in the late stages of dementia. As suspected, 2012 resulted in the unfortunate, yet unsurprising death of my wonderful grandpa and I believe 2013 will result in the same for grandma.
  • Things are just so unsettled. And as a planner who likes to organize and be in control--THIS IS HARD.

I guess the most I can do is go into the year with fresh hopes and goals for myself and try to hold myself accountable (and by posting it here, perhaps you will be my accountability partners--and I'll help you!). Then, I will try to enjoy the experience. After all, I already know I'll make mistakes--why not use that knowledge for good? I am all about positivity.

So here's my list. I realize that not many of them are "SMART" goals (as outlined beautifully by Pretty Providence in this post), but for me, they work.

13 in 2013_b

A run-down of the list . . .

  1. I'll hopefully be pursing my master's degree at Penn State University (mostly paid for by my school--yay perks!), given that I can take the GRE (and do WELL) and apply in time. Wish me luck! If anyone has grad school advice, please let me know!


  2. I know this is really vague, but I know what it means for me to feel like things are organized and decorated. You can check out my "Home" board on Pinterest to see what I'm thinking for my space.
  3. As an English teacher, you'd think I read a lot, but I don't. Especially not for myself. Over the summer, there's a good chance I'll be able to read five books, but given the uncertainty of my life--who knows?! I think this is a realistic goal that I can hopefully outdo.
  4. I've been sewing a lot since I've started this blog and I am really proud of the progress I've made. But one thing I have been nervous to try is an article of clothing. Here is my chance! Check out my "Sewing Projects" board on Pinterest and tell me which project I should try first!
  5. I had to throw in at least one health/fitness related goal or else I'd feel like a complete slob! Unfortunately, fitness has taken a back burner because some priorities are just more important in this time of my life. Hopefully taking a class at the local YMCA will give me the motivation I need.
  6. Again, another ambiguous goal. Listen, I know what I need to do. Hopefully the summer won't go by in a blink without me organizing everything to a T.
  7. With my recent Canon Rebel T3i purchase, I am bound to learn more about DSLR photography, but hopefully I'll be able to check out some tutorials or even take a class.
  8. Yet another ambiguous goal. This blog has been a source of true joy and it has given me a boost of creativity and passion that I never had before. I hope to take it to a whole new level, but I'll definitely need some help along the way.
  9. Thanks to Pinterest and my mom's recipe book, this should be easy! Finding time will be the difficult part . . .
  10. Etsy? TeachersPayTeachers? ING Direct? Mechanical Turk? Tutoring? Advertising? Looking for any opportunity that can bring in some extra income (that's hopefully easy and/or worthwhile!) without taking away from my full-time job.
  11. I am starting to get to a point in my life where I want a really classic, yet versatile wardrobe that can be remixed in many, many ways. See Greater than Rubies new "timeless capsule wardrobe" series!
  12. Moving away has presented a lot of changes and problems in my life. I want to do a better job at keeping in touch with my dearest friends, whether it be via email, text, phone call, snail mail, or visits. This is not an option!
  13. Aaron's parents got me a Charles Dickens Devotional (seems like an interesting combination, don't you agree?!) for Christmas and it got me thinking about how much I have been neglecting my faith. I can't wait to spend more time with God, exploring what He has in store for my life and how He can use me for His will. Unfortunately, if any of these 13 goals gets neglected, I have a feeling it will be this one. This will be a very good challenge for me!

With that, I want to know what YOUR goals/resolutions for 2013 are! How can I help you achieve these goals? Have you set realistic goals for yourself or do you enjoy reaching for the stars? Do you find it difficult to follow through with your resolutions?

Leave a comment below, write a Facebook comment, or tweet me (@themodernausten) and let's have a conversation :)