My Christmas Present to Myself!

After selling my soul, I am now the proud owner of a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera!!! I am thrilled with my new camera, even if I have a LOT to learn. If you have any tips or lessons for me, let me know and I will gladly check it out! I am hoping that this will be a really great investment and that I will see the benefits for years to come.

To demonstrate the loveliness of this camera, here's a collage of my Christmas (even though I got it after Christmas day!).

Christmas Collage

As you can see, we're a pretty "traditional" family when it comes to Christmas decor. We LOVE red, gold, green, and silver. Last year, I blew up some very special Christmas photos of my parents and my brother and I from the past, put them in different frames, and gave them to my parents as a gift. They found a home at the base of our Christmas tree and it is now our new little tradition.

Only a few more days of winter break :( I am dreading going back to school! I know that sounds terrible, but it's true. I have a stack of papers to grade and then a lot more coming my way when we go back. I have really enjoyed being home with my family, even if it has gone by so quickly.

What have you been up to this break? Have you been capturing the moments with your camera? What are your plans for New Year's Eve?