Christmas Wrap-Up 2012

Merry Christmas, everyone :) I hope you all had a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends! Check out my digital greeting card here, if you haven't seen it yet! Christmas comes and goes so quickly, doesn't it? It seems like there is so much build-up to one day and then it's all over! Then we think, Wow, we have to wait 365 more days until this happens again. So sad in a way . . . but it's also a good reminder to find the joy and spirit of the holiday season in our everyday lives.

So what have I been up to this holiday season?

Christmas Wrap-Up

  1. I received a St. Nicholas Day surprise in the mail from my parents and this truly kicked off my holiday season!
  2. I teamed up with No nonsense to incorporate tights and leggings into my winter wardrobe and wore some holiday work wear to school.
  3. I put together these inexpensive gifts for my students for Christmas. They were a huge hit!
  4. I am so proud of the holiday crafts I was able to complete, even despite how crazy busy it has been at work recently. I started by sewing this easy reversible table runner for my family, whipped up two book page picture frames as gifts, and finally made this "alternative ugly christmas sweatshirt."

In addition to what I've shared on the blog, I've been able to spend some quality time with Aaron (we finally celebrated our four-year dating anniversary!) and my wonderful family. This break is FLYING by faster than I can believe, but I think it has been great so far.

For Christmas, I received a few of the items on my Christmas Wish List, such as a gorgeous Lands End white button-down blouse, storage for my various spools of thread, and a workout band for my iPhone. I was also blessed with some great jewelry, kitchen supplies, and English teacher-y goods. It was great fun to watch my parents and my aunt open their gifts and to share the day with some of my extended family members. My brother, sadly, was not with us this Christmas day, but I can't wait to exchange with him and his girlfriend soon!

My Christmas isn't totally over just yet--I am meeting up with one of my best friends, Shannon and we're still celebrating with both sides of the family near the end of this week. Here's to hoping it doesn't go by in a blink!

How did you spend your Christmas? What was your favorite gifts to give and receive? Were you trapped in by the snow storm?