DIY: Book Page Picture Frame

Looking for some last-minute homemade gift ideas? Here's an easy and quick project that you can make for your friends and family, or keep one for yourself! Here's all you need:

Book Page Picture Frame_materials

  • A picture frame (a wooden one is best)
  • ModPodge
  • A foam brush
  • A book you don't mind "destroying"
  • A picture to put in the frame


Step One: Tear the book pages into small strips of different sizes.

Book Page Picture Frame_pages


Step Two: Using the foam brush, smooth a layer of ModPodge onto the frame, place a piece of the book page on it, and paint another layer of glue overtop.

Book Page Picture Frame_decoupage frames



Step Three: Repeat step two, overlapping the book pages in different directions, covering all parts of the frame (I didn't cover the back).

Book Page Picture Frame


That's it! Let it dry completely before putting the glass and the picture inside. I gave these to two of my English department friends and put a Christmas picture of us inside and it was perfect.


Are you making any of your Christmas gifts? Have you been keeping them a "secret" from your blog so that your friends and family can be surprised? I'm pretty happy that I've been able to make some of my gifts this year, but I get so excited that I want to post about it, but it's too early! :)

I hope everyone is having a safe weekend. Be careful in the weather!