DIY: Simple Reversible Table Runner

I've been on a sewing kick ever since I started this blog, but even more so since I made my first quilt. This Christmas, I really wanted to make my family a gift. When I stumbled across Diary of a Quilter's tutorial for a Quilted Table Runner, I knew it was the perfect gift!

You'll need:

  • One large piece of back fabric in the desired size of your table runner. Mine was about a yard long and a foot wide.
  • One piece of batting that is slightly smaller than your back fabric
  • Strips of fabric in various widths. I chose four different patterns of varying sizes:
    • Green: Two 6"x 12", Two 3"x12"
    • White: Two 2"x12", Two 3"x12"
    • Polka Dot: Two 6"x12", Two 3"x12"
    • Striped: Four 3"x12"
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread to match
  • Scissors
  • Basting pins/straight pins


  1. Lay out your back fabric, right side down. Then, place your batting over top. Iron the two together to create a slight bond. I chose to pin these together on the edges with basting pins.

  2. Lay out your fabric strips in your desired pattern. I chose to take a picture of it so I could remember exactly how I wanted it to look. Leave the center strip and make two piles, one for either side of the center.
  3. Take the strip to the right of your center strip and line them up on the right edge, right sides together. Pin and sew on the right side with a 1/4 inch inseam. Open up and press.

  4. Repeat step three until you reach the end of your right side. Then, repeat to the left.

  5. Optional: Quilt straight lines or a design over your table runner.

  6. Cut off any excess fabric around the edges.
  7. Finish by binding the edges, using this tutorial. (I'm terrible with binding!)

Here's what the reverse looks like:


And that's all there is to it! Simple, but yet it makes an impact. Gotta love practical, quick, pretty crafts!

What are you making this holiday? Only 10 more days!