Happy St. Nicholas Day!

One of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions growing up was St. Nicholas Day. There are many versions of the holiday in different cultures, but the long and short of it is that children would set out their shoes in hopes that St. Nick would come by and bring them a present in the middle of the night. Upon waking, they are delighted to see that he did indeed come. Of course, some cultures don't involve shoes and others consider him "Santa Claus," but to me, he represents family. When I think of St. Nicholas Day, I think of my grandma, who always used to give the grandchildren a gift on that day, usually an ornament. My parents also gave us a small present. As a kid, it was so exciting to receive a gift 19 days BEFORE Christmas! It was always something tiny, but fun. As my brother and I got older and went off to college, St. Nicholas Day was forgotten or put aside.

But yesterday, I came home from a terrible day at work and found a small package waiting in my mail. I opened it and found a card and two tiny wrapped gifts. It dawned on me that today would be St. Nicholas Day and the tradition was back!

It's silly to admit this, but I actually started crying. Being away from my family for these past few months has really taught me just how much I love them and this small gesture was so significant and special to me that I just couldn't hold back the tears.

I opened up my gifts to find a tube of mascara and some eyeshadow--something my mom knew I had been on the lookout for recently. I was absolutely thrilled.

Not only did I receive this package yesterday, but I also got my first ever Cosmo VoxBox from Influenster! I can't wait to share what I got with you and my reviews in a future post.

Anyway, I wish you and your family and friends a happy St. Nicholas day. I hope that you are finding those small Christmas traditions that really make your holiday complete.