Subtle Neon From Work to Off-Duty

Most of the time, as soon as I get home from work, I change into sweatpants or PJs (no judging!) because I'm usually in for the night to grade papers, make dinner, or relax. But sometimes, I do have evening functions or I run to the store and I don't like to change my outfit entirely. Here's an example of what I might do:

Sweater: H&M (Goodwill) Pencil Skirt: LOFT (Goodwill) Tights: No nonsense Heels: Payless

I found this H&M sweater at Goodwill and, even though I'm not really into the neon trend, I felt like this was a subtle version that I could handle. If you follow my fashion board on pinterest, it's no secret that I love pretty much anything striped or polka-dotted. In this picture, I've paired it with a simple black pencil skirt, tights, and heels. Sorry for the flipped hairdo and lack of accessories--I was in a rush. 

My off-duty wardrobe usually consists of jeans and boots in the winter. You won't usually find me in anything else!

Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet Boots: Style & Co. (Macy's)

I could wear this with brown or black boots, but I decided not to be too matchy-matchy and went for brown. Plus, the heel makes it a little more dressy. I might add a scarf or a different accessory too.

How do you transition from work to off-duty? What's your weekend wardrobe look like?