DIY: Five-Minute Phone Case Refashion

In lieu of our regularly scheduled Teacher Tuesdays (cut me some slack--we haven't had school in a week!), I decided I would share a five-minute DIY project with you! I purchased my iPhone 4s back in July and immediately covered it with an Otterbox phone cover, which I loved (and then abused!). I trusted my Otterbox so much that the outside rubber cover has been torn to shreds from being pulled out of pockets and bags and tossed (lightly!) on to my couch.

Needless to say, I was due for a new cover right away.

But I hadn't done my research yet. Did I want a new Otterbox? Could I just purchase the outside skin? Did I want something slimmer? So I needed something temporary to hold me over until I made a decision.

I found a case at Goodwill for five bucks and bought it over Thanksgiving.

But there was a slight problem . . .

The skins were not quite my taste. I bought them anyway, with the plan of making a temporary skin that was more "me."

It literally took me five minutes (or less) to make.

Step One: Choose a pretty paper.

I chose this scrapbook paper that would go well with the gray bumper.

Step Two: Trace your phone cover.

Don't forget the camera hole! Use pencil so you can erase any stray marks that might show.

Step Three: Cut it out. Use an X-acto knife for the camera hole.

At this point, you could definitely make this more permanent or protect it using Modpodge or laminating it. Since mine is temporary, I did not take the time to do this. Be warned--it may get dirty quickly unless you have a clear case!

Step Four: Attach the new case. 

You may need to trim the edges so it doesn't pucker. Ta- da! Now wasn't that the easiest DIY ever? 

Hopefully this will tide me over for a while. I'm hoping to get a good deal on a protective, yet slimmer case. Does anyone have any recommendations? I'd like something more than just a plastic cover (even though the Kate Spade ones were on sale yesterday for Cyber Monday for $15. So tempting...)

More outfit posts are coming your way! Have a great one!