Patterned Accessories

Hello everyone; I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was all over the place--on Friday, I went to an English department gathering, which was fun. Saturday, I drove all the way to Westminster for a friend's senior recital, then to my boyfriend's HS alma mater to see my roommate's musical that she vocal directed. Then, I drove home. Yesterday, while hanging out with my parents, we got the phone call that my grandfather had passed away. At age 88, he lived a long life and, despite numerous medical problems over the years, we believe he died in his sleep without suffering. It has been an emotional day and a half, especially with making arrangements around the holiday. It will take some time to adjust to this news, but I am grateful for a loving family.

I haven't shared an outfit post in awhile (but you can see my apartment furniture update here), so I thought I'd share what I wore on Friday. I was feeling pretty exhausted so I wanted something comfortable and warm. The outfit itself is rather boring, so I added a wintery patterned infinity scarf that I sewed last year. Instantly the outfit seemed a little more interesting. I was talking with my coworker and friend Ashlie about the importance of accessories in a teacher wardrobe and we feel like scarves can really make or break an outfit.

Blouse: Old Navy Pants: Express Scarf: Handmade (by me) Bracelet: NY & Co. Headband: Forever 21

 I'm thinking I am going to have to sneakily take pictures in my classroom from now until spring because the lighting is much better there. Hopefully no students will walk in while I'm taking self-portraits!

Have a great week everyone. Thanksgiving is just around the corner!