DIY: Painted IKEA Chest

Remember months ago when I posted my lovely paint job on the free radio cabinet my Dad and I found at an estate sale? I also talked about how I bought this IKEA chest for a mere $8 or so and how I planned on painting it before my big move to Central PA. Well, I finally got around to taking pictures and I thought I'd share them with you!

Before, it was just exposed wood with a few minor scratches and marks. I knew it just needed a facelift and it would be the perfect addition to my apartment.

I decided to prime it using a spray primer, and then painted the outside with leftover paint from my parent's bathroom. That way, I only spent money on the chest and the primer--making this a project under $15!

There it is! I chose a neutral shade because I had no idea where I would end up placing the chest in my new place. Once I moved in, I decided to put it in my living room and it now houses my board games.

I haven't hung the lovely tree canvas yet, so it has made its home on top of the chest. I don't mind it there, actually, but eventually I hope to top the chest with some throw pillows. It did suffer a little bit of damage in the move, but overall, I think it's a nice, practical piece to add to my furniture collection.

Soon, I will share my upholstered kitchen stools with you. You won't believe what a simple piece of fabric can do to an old, nasty-looking stool!

I hope everyone has a great day!