Teacher Tuesdays 11.13.12

Welcome back to Teacher Tuesdays! I know I have been sporadic with these posts recently, but please forgive me :) Today I thought I'd share my favorite educational pins on my Pinterest. (View my Education board here.) Hopefully you can all direct me to some of yours! There's nothing better than collaboration, especially in the classroom.



Okay, so I know this isn't realistic and it probably costs a lot, but wouldn't it be awesome if we could trade old papers for new pencils?! My students would LOVE it and I would too, considering I've lost so many of my own writing utensils to forgetful pupils.



I've been contemplating on whether or not I want to do this with my seniors toward the end of the year and then give them the picture as a nice farewell gift. What do you think? I just don't think they would be up for the process, even if they'd enjoy the outcome. This would be an awesome mood-boosting activity for ANY group, such as a sorority, club, or youth group or even at a party.



These are hilarious.



If only this were true!

I'd love to see some of YOUR favorite education pins!

As usual, this is a LINK PARTY and you are invited! Share your teacher crafts, outfits, DIY projects, lesson plans, and strategies here! Link up to your specific blog post and grab the button on the sidebar! I will be sure to feature you in future Teacher Tuesdays! Don't forget--you don't HAVE to be a teacher to participate!

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