Weekend ABCs

I saw this clever idea of recapping the weekend by choosing a word from each letter of the alphabet from the blog Oh honey, don't worry and thought I'd give it a shot. I apologize for my absence recently, but I'd like to think I have pretty good reason. I'll try my best to get back on track within the next few weeks.

 Absence- Yes, I haven't been doing a good job at staying consistent on the blog. Mostly I can blame my new teacher problems and the struggle just to stay above water, but I also wanted to share something big that happened earlier this week that really caught me off guard and made me somewhat paralyzed.

When you enter the profession of teaching (or any other that involves working with children), you are aware that some time in your career, you are likely to witness the loss of a young person's life far too soon. I knew that this would happen and I had actually even been thinking about it recently when I got word that someone from the high school I student taught at was in a car accident. Frantically, I googled the accident and, sure enough, a senior boy I had taught last spring died in an unexplained car crash. I found this out during my plan period and immediately started to cry. I remember talking to him about his future and what he wanted to do, and his obituary really showed that he was finally getting things right his senior year. It is just heartbreaking. I can't get him out of my head...Even though I only knew him for a mere 15 weeks, he made an impact on my life. It was just a reminder that life is so incredibly short and we all need to take advantage of the time we have together...

Blessed- After that incident and another where a student opened up to me about some of his struggles, I really felt emotionally exhausted, but even more so, I felt blessed. I feel blessed that I know these kids, that I have a family that loves and supports me, that I had such a pleasant high school experience...so many things to be grateful for.

Cooking- I made a really great recipe this weekend! I will share it soon. In the meantime, check out my recent recipes here.

Deals- I was able to snag a cardigan and a pair of dress pants at Target, both on clearance!

Earnest- The high school I work at put on the production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" this weekend and it was fabulous. Such a witty play!

Fall cleaning-I spent a majority of my weekend cleaning, sorting, doing laundry, and getting things put together so that my place will be ready for weekends away and for decorating for the holidays!

Grown up- I woke up on my own around 7 a.m. on Saturday and immediately thought about how old I must be getting ;)

Haircut- I'm getting my hair done tomorrow! Woo!

Independent- That's my political affiliation, but this election I voted for Obama again. Hoping for a bright future.

Jazz club- Let's go to one. Now.

Keeping Up- I feel like that's all I'm able to do right now, despite putting extra hours into work.

Lonely-Keeping busy distracts me from being lonely, but sometimes weekends alone can be sad!

Michael Buble- I have been listening to him nonstop. Not that that's anything new.

Need to work out. Pronto.

Oh Life- I found this interesting website that will send you emails each day if you sign up. Each email asks you questions like "How was your day today?" and then you reply. It then compiles it into a journal of sorts. I haven't brought myself to actually answer the emails yet, but even then, it has me reflect about the day.

Productive- I can't believe I can say this, but I was a beast this weekend. I got so much accomplished and it feels really good.

Quilting- That's right, I'm making a quilt! I spent a good chunk of Saturday night working on it and it should be done in the near future. I made some epic fails, but hopefully I can pull it all together.

Reading- I actually started a book this weekend and it feels SO good to read something not school related.

Shopping- Can I please own the entire Anne Taylor LOFT store? Please?

Thanksgiving- Can't WAIT! I am so ready for a break with my family and for Black Friday shopping!

Used Books- I bought four paperbacks at a church sale this past weekend. Normally I don't buy books because you can get them for free at the library, but I couldn't pass this up.

Veteran's Day- I can't express enough thanks to our veterans for all they have done and continue to do to serve our country, keep us safe, and defend our freedoms.

Westminster- I'll be headed there next week for my sorority little's senior recital!

X-cuse the bad pictures recently. I need to figure out a new way to take pictures now that it's cold outside!

Youtube- You won't believe what the kids ask me to watch on this!

Zero TV- I kept the TV off all weekend, which is probably why I was able to be so productive. I'm pretty proud of that!


Hope you all had a great weekend!

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