Comfy Grandma Sweater

Everyone should own at least one warm, comfy grandma sweater. I got one a few months ago at my trusty Goodwill, thinking I would wear it inside my apartment on cold days. But I didn't anticipate how cold my classroom is, especially first thing in the morning. So my task was to figure out how to dress up my sweater enough for school and not look too frumpy!

Blouse: H&M (Goodwill) Sweater: Willi Smith (Goodwill) Pants: NY & Co. (Goodwill) Flats: Famous Footwear

Sorry for the crappy photos again. Due to the cold weather, I am unable to take photos outside now. Also, I am not at home during daylight hours anymore! I will have to figure something out for future photos this winter.

But anyway, I used a printed blouse to bring more interest to this neutral colored sweater and pants. Without the belt, this sweater would be way too frumpy for school. Next time, I'd like to have a pop of color with this sweater, but I'm not sure what color and how to go about it.

Yes, I voted in this outfit, but I wrote this post before the results...I'll share what I think next time!