Exercise Your Right

Four years ago, on a bright fall day, I made the choice to exercise my right. Though largely ignorant about many political matters, I still believed in my ability to reason and to make decisions that could affect an entire country.

For the first time, I was a part of something so much bigger than I could comprehend. While I cast only one vote, I was, as they say, in an ocean of millions of individual votes that, together, can make a difference.

I was a college freshman, with high hopes for America's future and believed that good things would happen.

Four years later, I am a slightly different person. I am in my next stage in life as a teacher and, suddenly, my vote is even more important. While I still claim ignorant status on many things, I am at least slightly more informed.

This election, I am more apprehensive, more worried, more scared than I was before; I think many would agree with me. But this extremity also makes me more hopeful than before, too.

Today, I hope that you cast your informed vote. No matter who you're voting for, don't forget to exercise the right that so many others do not have. While there are many problems with our government and it is easy to be disillusioned, always remain hopeful. Life, as Robert Frost learned, goes on.

Happy Election Day everyone.