Dear November

Dear November,

How are you here already? It feels like it was just yesterday that I welcomed August (and forgot to greet September. Oops!). The last two months have been an absolute blur. My life has completely turned upside down. What I didn't think was possible for me to handle is now my reality. I am a school teacher, I live on my own away from my friends and family, and I'm making it work. I'm not perfect, but I'm sure you won't be either, November.

I like November because you let me listen to Christmas music without feeling like a complete fool. You also give me a break to spend time with my family and reflect on what I am truly grateful for. I feel like that's what these past months have taught me--what I am truly grateful for--and I can't wait to devote some time to thanking God and my loved ones.

November, I really hope that you don't bring anything too overwhelming. (Silly me for making a request like that! Am I allowed to ask for really good Black Friday deals too? No? Darn.) Let's not forget--you'll be announcing our a next president, so an entire nation will be on pins and needles for quite some time, but hopefully everyone will be over it by the time we greet December.

Thanks for all of the crazy ups and downs, October! It's been real, but I'm ready for something new.