Teacher Tuesday 10.30.12

Being a teacher is. . .

  • Talking in a British accent for an entire period just to take your students off guard
  • Occasionally spending your own money on your students--whether it be for candy or agendas so they can stay organized
  • Taking a break to teach and play fun, silly games like Mafia
  • Giving the kids who make your blood boil the same smile you give the ones who earn it
  • Participating in more school spirit activities than your students do--because it matters
  • Intentionally volunteering to make a fool of myself for the sake of fundraisers and laughs
  • Learning from your mistakes, especially the ones made in front of the class, and always remaining humble

I'm not the star teacher I hope to be some day and I do not claim to know much, but this is what I know so far. No matter how hard this experience has been, I know that I'm doing what I need to be doing right now.

And yes, this did just happen on Friday:

So I want to know: What is teaching for you? Link up below!

As usual, this is a LINK PARTY and you are invited! Share your teacher crafts, outfits, DIY projects, lesson plans, and strategies here! Link up to your specific blog post and grab the button on the sidebar! I will be sure to feature you in future Teacher Tuesdays! Don't forget--you don't HAVE to be a teacher to participate!

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