Black, White, and Emerald

Today's outfit is a great way to start Halloween week. Something about putting black, white, and emerald together seems Halloweeny to me. Anyway, much of this outfit was out of pure laziness, but it ended up being a pain anyway because my skirt kept bunching up because of my leggings. Oh well!

Blouse: Old Navy Skirt: Old Navy Leggings: NY & Co. Boots: J.C. Penney

So I have NO idea what to be for Halloween. I'm debating on whether I should even dress up for school or not (I don't have any other Halloween plans so that would be it), but I'm torn because I still need to be professional. I've thought about going as Trelawney again from A Night at Hogwarts because I think the kids would enjoy making fun of me all day, but I've now worn that outfit twice! I do not want to go out and have to buy anything if I can help it. Does anyone have any ideas? Help!